Public Relations

Public relations is an important tool for distributing information about your business or your product. Moreover, press releases in the media give a credible impression that helps build trust. In order to achieve these benefits, however, PR also calls for a long-term campaign and ongoing work. We offer you:

  • Development of relevant themes for your target audience and your product
  • Drawing up press distributions and press texts
  • Selection of appropriate media and contacts
  • Distributing press information
  • Press conferences and events
  • Media monitoring
  • Press-reporting and qualitative analysis of PR activities


A good product needs a good name, a name that represents the fine balance between European quality and Japanese feel. At the same time, that name should embody character, customer expectations, sympathy and renown.

Finding the right name for your product is an important first step to developing your brand. The brand defines a client’s experience with your company. That leads to the development of brand awareness, which can then be established through experience. Comparing your own brand to others through the process of benchmarking will then provide important possibilities for further optimising your marketing campaign.

Brainstorming Ideas and Drawing Up Product Designs

The acquired market data, technical details and marketing goals form the basis for the creative development of new product. We will take your product concept and give it concrete shape, either in the form of blue prints, sketsches or renderings.

Once you have narrowed down your decision to a few of our suggestions, we will produce computer-aided design (CAD) models, Hartmodelle, 3D animation and tangible rapid prototying models. In this way, we make your product ideas “graspable” so you can hold it in your own hands.

Design is the key to success

To be successful in Japan, the design of your product can be a deciding factor – the design of your product should cater to Japanese tastes without losing its original foreign touch.

We will help you through this delicate balancing act between meeting the Japanese taste and retaining its original quality.