OBJECTIVE Better advertising for the Japanese market
PROBLEM Previous advertising was too “European” Reasons for little success unclear
SOLUTION We develope a new advertising strategy for Japanese clients and put it into practice.
OBJECTIVE Customer acquisition
PROBLEM Previous marketing measures were not successful enough. No direct sales approaches were made.
SOLUTION With targeted marketing action and cold calling, the company can achieve significantly higher sales.
OBJECTIVE Customer acquisition and advertising with a longer lasting impact
PROBLEM Advertising (direct marketing) was carried out, but was not followed up effectively. The result was therefore not satisfying.
SOLUTION With regular telephone follow-ups, it is possible to win over more customers.
OBJECTIVE Faster, more effective delivery of orders
PROBLEM Orders have increased substantially and is presenting a logistical challenge. A capable Japanese logistics company is in need.
SOLUTION Different locations for a new logistics centre will be identified and discussed on a preliminary basis. This new logistics centre will be able to handle orders faster and more efficiently.