Market Research

according to your guidance and your desired workflow, either openly or discreetly without mentioning the principal’s name

  •  Identification of new industry trends and target products in Japanese markets
  • Survey and needs assessment for Japanese customers (B2B / B2C)  
  • Research on competitors’ products, pricing and price analysis
  • Identification and assessment of industry competitors
  • Analysis of various distribution channels for similar products (wholesale and retail)
  • Use of databases

Customer Information

 Coaching und Training zur Interkulturellen Kommunikation

  • Can the customer pay?” – Credit checks of potential suppliers and customers

Market information through collection of on-site information

 Coaching und Training zur Interkulturellen Kommunikation  

  • Questionnaire survey of target groups, interviews incl. preparation, analysis and post-editing
  • Internet search in japanese
  • Search for suppliers and potential customers