OBJECTIVE Obtaining information on local consumers
PROBLEM No clear information regarding consumer perspectives Little information about the sales strategy of competitors
SOLUTION We conduct interviews and customer surveys on-site.
OBJECTIVE Obtaining information on the creditworthiness of European clients
PROBLEM European clients want to buy Japanese products, but do not pay in advance nor open a letter of credit. The Japanese supplier does not have sufficient information on the client.
SOLUTION We carry out research and obtain a reliable credit report (no liability assumed).
OBJECTIVE A Japanese company wants to sell European products in Japan
PROBLEM Little information about the products to be sold These European producers are not known in Japan.
SOLUTION We will visit trade fairs, carry out research and collect data.
OBJECTIVE A Japanese company wants to sell its own products in Europe.
PROBLEM Selecting the right markets is difficult. An ideal business partner is very difficult to find.
SOLUTION Market comparison using statistics, market studies, etc. We will look for the best business partner for you in Europe.