OBJECTIVE Getting appointments for client acquisition
PROBLEM No feedback from the contacted companies, despite direct marketing measures
SOLUTION With your authorisation and acting on your instructions, we approach clients on your behalf and arrange an appointment for you.
OBJECTIVE Written contact with potential clients
PROBLEM Little experience in writing business letters to clients in Japan
SOLUTION We will manage your business correspondence in Japanese.
OBJECTIVE Sales promotion in Japan through participation in a trade fair
PROBLEM Participation in the fair was not effective despite high costs.
SOLUTION We carry out intensive preparation (mailing, client contact, invitations, etc.). We will design and present your booth in such a way that it draws attention from potential clients. In addition, our Japanese-speaking sales personnel will facilitate contact with clients on site. With intensive follow-up actions, we ensure the long-term success of your participation in the trade fair.
OBJECTIVE Work flexibly
PROBLEM A lot of the work is temporary, resulting in very high workload for the workers in the short term. Unfinished work piles up.
SOLUTION We arrange for flexible office staff for the required period, who will assist you with the practical side of your office work: putting together quoatations, calling up clients - let us handle all of that for you!
OBJECTIVE Quick troubleshooting in the office or at home
PROBLEM Fault can not be clarified by telephone. Field technician speaks no foreign language.
SOLUTION We contact your caretaker or landlord for hassle-free troubleshooting.
OBJECTIVE Smooth communication in and out of the office
PROBLEM Communication with Japanese associates is not good. Frequent misunderstandings with Japanese clients and suppliers.
SOLUTION Intercultural workshops with individual or group lessons in order to promote employees’ mutual understanding for one another.